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Fashion Talk - Jennifer Lopez halt Sweetface line after spring

Hollywood actress- singer-designer Jennifer Lopez is halting the production of her clothing line, Sweetface, after six years. She launched the line as a high-end sports and street-wear spin-off of her original JLO clothing collection.

Sweetface will stop production of its line once the spring collection hits the stores. Despite the popularity of the clothing line, Jennifer has conformed to stop the work on future designs while the future of the brand is reviewed.

Jennifer said that considering the new company strategies, the Sweetface line has been decided to put on hiatus while the brand would be reintroduced in the near future with an entirely new fashion point of view.
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Fashion Talk - Beyonce vs. Tyra Banks


Tyra Banks

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Fashion Talks - FRANCA SOZZANI telling a story

FRANCA SOZZANI was telling a story over dinner at Donatella Versace’s palazzo on the Via Gesù. It was a parable, really, based on an anecdote about a party that the actress Silvana Mangano once planned for her daughter when she turned 18.

Before the party a friend pulled aside Mangano, a famous beauty, and gave her some maternal advice. It would be the daughter’s big day, she told the actress. Don’t spoil it. Wear something simple. Stay in the background. Permit her to shine.

Mangano apparently took this in and then, on the evening of the party, appeared at the head of the stairs radiant in a full-length dress, with a deep décolletage, diamonds and even evening gloves. Suddenly the mother become glamorous monster was the only woman in the room. The daughter never really had a chance.

As Ms. Sozzani, the editor of Italian Vogue, related the tale, Mangano’s friend furiously grabbed the actress and demanded an explanation for the stunt.

Mangano looked at her coolly. “It’s for her own good,” she told her. “She has to learn how to fight.”

Ms. Sozzani’s point was that these are fighting times. The business of fashion is not only among the most important to the economy of this city and country, but is also deeply enmeshed in Italians’ cultural DNA. Can anybody predict when the global recession will end, she asked. Will it be the third quarter of this year, or 2010 or ever? Will things go back to the way they were, as everyone seems to be asking lately?

“No one knows,” Ms. Sozzani said. “But this is not the time to be weak.”

Flicking her jeweled lighter, and putting the flame to a Marlboro Light, Ms. Versace nodded her assent. As someone whose life script reads like the work of a fevered Greek dramatist, she is no stranger to tough times. “People say it will never go back to the way it was,” she said, meaning to the days of unbridled consumption — the 1980s, the 1990s, the early years of the 21st century.

“I don’t believe it,” added Ms. Versace, whose own unabashedly high standard of living was reputedly an element in the recent corporate dust-up that resulted in the ouster and replacement of her company’s chief executive. “They’re going to forget. They are going to want to enjoy their lives and spend again.”

Questionable and hopeful this assertion may be. And yet it has been commonly heard throughout the week in Milan. Even though the ranks of the international press and buyers in town for the twice-yearly men’s wear shows have thinned dramatically; even though American retailers are frankly skeptical of the effects the United States president’s economic stimulus package are likely to have on consumer habits; and even though stores in this city are generally so empty that the salesclerks are running out of ways to kill time, people remain optimistic.

Maybe it is an Italian thing, an inherited sense of the long view. Maybe it is delusional. Maybe it is both.

“Italians especially will always want fashion,” Riccardo Tisci, the Givenchy designer, said over a dinner of poached fish and cold white wine. It was served in a room where candlelight flickered on the faces of Ms. Versace’s assorted friends and colleagues and the busts of Roman ancients scattered atop gilded consoles.

“Even in the small cities,” Mr. Tisci added, “people will save their money to have, maybe not a big piece, but a small wallet from a designer. They will really think a lot and care a lot about the way they look.”

A week before his own presentation in Paris, Mr. Tisci had flown into Milan for the day to catch his first Versace show and to demonstrate his support for a designer he compared to “the flag of Italy.”

The clichéd Italian fondness for public show of one sort or another — for una bella figura — may get a little overplayed. Still, like most clichés, this one is rooted in something immutable and true. Ms. Sozzani’s fighting spirit and Ms. Versace’s optimism and Mr. Tisci’s confidence that human nature can trump transient inconvenient annoyances like a global credit crisis can in some ways be embodied by the national tendency to put a good face on things and encapsulated by a popular Alcoholics Anonymous slogan: fake it until you make it.

It is no secret that Donatella Versace has had problems with substance abuse, yet she has been drug-free for some time now, and drinks only ice water with dinner and does not — as so many people in this town do — dart for the bathroom every five minutes to “freshen up.”

So, when she suggests that fashion is certain to pull out of the slump it is in, and that the puritanical shame being shoveled out by the analyst Cassandras opposes something basic and pleasure-loving in human nature, a listener is inclined to respect her perspective on the business and the sobriety of her view.

See previous Fashion Diaries from Milan: Vintage Delirium| A Confession About the ‘D’ Word at Cavalli

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Fashion Talk - Lauren Conrad A Fashion Insider - Novelist

Lauren Conrad, famous for being on reality television, recently told Access Hollywood that she is more interested in fashion than she is in having a voluptuous figure. Conrad, 23, told Access Hollywood, “I prefer a flatter-chested look. That’s just kind of me. I think it’s more of a fashion look. If you look at a lot of high-fashion models and things like that, they’re always you know, a little flatter. I like the way clothes fit better.”

She doesn’t, however, rule out the possibility of some minimally invasive facial editing as she gets older. At a recent release party for her novel L.A. Candy, she said, referring to Botox, “I’m 23, I think I’m good for a little bit. I don’t know, maybe later on.”

When it comes to her novel, Conrad says the plot is anything but reality, telling MTV News “I didn’t take anything specifically that happened to me. The only thing that I did was … it was a way to show not necessarily me, but just the other side of being on a show like ours.”

The novel’s main character is a girl, Jane Roberts, who moves to Hollywood and gets her own reality show called L.A. Candy. Eventually she works at an “events” company and chronicles the drama of her personal and professional lives.

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Fashion Talk - Milan Men's Fashion Week

While the men’s catwalks in Milan opened with some flashes of colour at Gucci and Bottega Veneta, yesterday’s shows saw the Italian capital return in earnest to grey, the shade that looks set to continue to define men’s tailoring for at least another season.

Italo Zuccheli’s Calvin Klein collection led the way with its trademark tonalities. He book-ended the show with deep black, but took a journey through grey and stark white en route.

While Zuccheli did find time for a quick flare of sunbright orange and azure blu, Miuccia Prada’s mainline Prada show never wavered from the grey palette.

Every Prada outfit was paraded in tones of grey set against a monochrome backdrop – the floor tiles, the canapés and the drinks were all black and white. Yet this colourless world was never harsh. Rather the look was somewhat softened but low V-neck T-shirts in silky fabrications, which were used in place of traditional shirts.

For all the pictures of the catwalks from Milan Men’s Fashion Week click here.

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Fashion Talks - Lidia's dress revealed a fish out of water on The Fashion Show

There are only eight contestants left on The Fashion Show and after this week's challenges, we are one step closer to having a winner. Last week, the designers had to channel their inner clique. This week it was all about team work when they were broken into teams of two for their Harper's Bazaar mini challenge.

The teams were Reco and Daniella; James Paul and Lidia; Haven and Anna; and Johnny and Merlin. The mini-challenge was just the tip of the iceberg and seemed to foretell what was to come in the elimination challenge because they would be working in the same teams throughout both challenges. Of the top, Reco and Daniella were having conflict. Meanwhile, Johnny and Merlin worked well together and won the mini-challenge. Their prize was a five minute consultation with Isaac Mizrahi during the elimination challenge.

In this week's elimination challenge the teams had to design a complete look for Isaac's upcoming collection. For inspiration, Isaac showed them his mood board and then let them run with it. Daniella and Reco were still not working well together. Reco wanted to design a ball gown and Daniella wanted pants. Ultimately, Reco gave in and their design included pants. Johnny and Merlin continued to work well together. They created a simple skirt and tank design with a jacket but the colors and fabrics were edgy and remained true to both Isaac and themselves. Anna and Haven also worked well together and came up with a cute short set. Lidia and James-Paul worked well together, but their ideas were not melding. Lidia is always having issues with being slow and her designs are often a little strange. This week was no exception. Her fish scaly dress was awful.

At the fashion show, Lidia and James-Paul's outfit was the only one I wasn't feeling. Daniella and Reco's outfit wouldn't look good on me, so Johnny and Merlin's was my favorite. At elimination, the top two designs were Johnny and Merlin's and Haven and Anna's. Guest judge Veronica Webb said she'd be proud to walk Johnny and Merlin's look down the runway, but it was Haven and Anna's design that sold the judges.

James-Paul and Lidia's design was one of the bottom two. James-Paul explained his vision, but Lidia wasn't able to tell the judges what body type she was designing for. Reco and Daniella's outfit was also in the bottom two. Daniella's pants were referred to as granny pants and there wasn't enough "Wow" in the outfit to be a part of a Mizrahi collection. The saving grace was Reco's top. Isaac said it was "the best part of the outfit". When asked who was more responsible for the outfit Daniella stepped up and said she was more responsible. James-Paul and Reco were given safety first leaving Daniella and Lidia out on a limb. Daniella lucked out being up against Lidia. That design was so awful the judges didn't have any choice other than to send her home. Daniella was winning challenges, but she may be a little too comfortable now. Step up your game Daniella! With Lidia, gone there are only seven designers left.

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A senior from Western Michigan University takes her final bow in funraising fashion show in Kalamazoo

The fashion show "Redefined," set for at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, is more than it appears.

It is a grand report -- a senior thesis by Liza Nay, a Western Michigan University Lee Honors College student concentrating in fashion design in WMU's Textile and Apparel Studies program. The show, sponsored by Alano Salon, is an accumulation of all the design work that the perky Nay, 22, has done in her four years at WMU -- about 100 garments including a new line never seen before.

The show also is part farewell. Nay is adding one more year to her program to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, a great affirmation of her work at Western. Fashion Designer Liza Marie Nay wears on of her one of her dresses that will be featured at her fashion show "redefined" at the Epic Bistro in Kalamazoo.

The show also is a fundraiser. Nay plans to give half of the proceeds to WMU's Textile and Apparel Studies program, which needs equipment. She plans to use the other half of the proceeds to set up an endowment at the college to help fashion-design students purchase of fabrics, sketchbooks, parking passes and other necessities. Nay plans to raise a minimum of $4,000 in ticket sales and raise more money through drawings for donated gift packages from businesses and the sale of some of her fashions.

Some young people may be wrapped up in instant gratification, but Nay is an example of another side of her generation, those who are concerned about helping the world around them. "This generation, that is very much something on their minds, and she epitomizes that," said Linda Winquist, an instructor in WMU's Textile and Apparel Studies program. "And she does it rather than just talk about it."

Nay first began to reach out to others as a WMU student in 2007 when she spearheaded a program through the student organization Merchandising Opportunities Design Association, or MODA. The program involved mentoring high school students from Kalamazoo, Richland and Paw Paw who were interested in fashion design. The university got a $1,000 grant for the program, named Project MODA, from the Kalamazoo Community Foundation.

The high school students learned to create fashions and helped MODA stage several fashion shows. Nay was the coordinator of the project for the last two years. "We really wanted to expose the students to college life so they could see it can be fun, it can be enjoyable," said Nay, who was named a Presidential Scholar this past spring.

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Fashion Talks - Mary Kate Olsen

Despite Mary Kate’s personal struggles, this girl can dress! As much as I want to hate her, I can’t, because every time I see her, I wish I had her wardrobe.

She’s known for staggering around New York and Los Angeles in oversized sunglasses, oversized bags, red lipstick and very high-fashion bohemian clothing. She always looks put together. She usually wears baggy, oversized shirts and sweaters, a scarf and shoegasm-inducing boots.

When she does need to dress it up, she can be found walking the red carpet in beautiful Lily et Cie, Prada, Missoni, and Dior gowns. Because of the high interest in her and her sister’s fashion choices, she also became a fashion designer back in 2004. They had a series of lines, for everyone from pre-teen girls to a beauty line.

They also have a high fashion line, called “Elizabeth and James” which Mary Kate was supposed to have all the creative say in but due to personal issues she couldn’t. The high fashion line is sold in stores such as Barneys, Maxfield, Harvey Nichols and Brown’s all over the world.

The high fashion stuff is usually hundreds of dollars, but when you are Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen it doesn’t matter. That’s what happens when you become the richest celebrities at age 10. The good news is her look CAN be replicated for cheap. Check vintage stores and other cheap places, and never forget the red lipstick and sunglasses.

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Fashion Week Swim in Miami will honor L*Space as it unveils capsule collection

New York may be abuzz with Fashion Week highlights come fall, but the spotlight turns to Miami in mid-July when the runways sizzle with the latest styles in swimwear.

L*Space, the sexy and chic bathing suit line by Monica Wise, has been given the title of “Mercedes Benz Presents” brand for this years show. L*Space follows a long list of infamous brands that were once awarded this title at other Mercedes Benz Fashion Week events, including: Monique Lhuillier, Badgley Mischka, Yigal Azrouël, Red Carter and CHADO Ralph Rucci.

L*Space is a dominant brand in swimwear, mainly because of Wise’s ability to craft sexy style out of luxurious fabrics. She often pairs her pieces with gold hardware, gems, and subtle accents, however it’s the impeccable fit that leave ladies looking and feeling confident.

Aside from gearing up for the shows, Wise is busy working on a capsule collection with OmniPeace, a humanitarian fashion brand who donates 25 percent of its earnings to various charities. The percentage goes to fund education programs, promotes peace and human rights, and contributes to the goal of ending extreme poverty in Africa by 2025.

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Gisele Bundchen: Sexy at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

She loves working it on her home turf and yesterday (June 17th) Gisele Bundchen was spotted owning the runway at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

The Brazilian beauty looked cool and confident as she modeled various styles from the Spring/Summer collection by Colcci.

Bundchen’s return to Brazil is a welcome change for her, as she’s been spending most of her time in New York City as of late.

This past weekend, she was spotted indulging her inner-fast-food-junkie with a trip to a Five Guys hamburger joint

Gisele Bundchen Pictures

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Oh, yes. What can't you wear with white?

Angelina Jolie's true emerald earrings did not look fabulous with the black dress she wore to the Oscars. When I watched from the red carpet show, I said to myself, "Oh, no. That green does not bode well with that black." Now, had she worn a white dress, it would have set it off beautifully.

Summer is here! It is confusing by the amount of rain, but it is and beautiful summer white outfit can be accessorized with anything. Keep this in mind, when you dress up a white outfit, you go from a regular strolling outfit to looking like a million bucks in the amount of time it takes you to accessorize it.

This photo is a wonderful disply of exactly that. Pay attention to the detail of the turquoise and gold in the layered necklace. The small handbag has many bold colors all beaded in their detail work from fuschias, to orange, gold and turquoise. The handle is made of turquoise pieces almost exact to the necklace. The gold balls that sit on the end of the handles and the one at the top actually has rhinestones set in it. Pick up a great pair of shades and gold sandals with a two-inch heel and then ladies, you look like you own the world. Take this look out for a spin and see if you don't feel like the very best 'you' there can be.

I would also like to thank Shannon Miller of Special Moments Photography for the use of her photo. Mrs. Miller is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, yet frequently comes to Colorado to service her clients. She is a wonderful and beautiful photographer who can capture your best you. The handbag was also courtesy of I did tell you guys that their handbags had amazing detail and they most certainly do. TTFN! Don't forget to go try out your million dollar outfit!

The Met Costume Institute Gala: Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is still my supermodel of choice. After all these years, she still puts the O! in H-O-T! Donning a perfectly fitted blue Versace gown, she has a body that isn't like a coat hanger, legs that would make anyone swoon and a signature beauty mark that makes her dreamy. She's relatable. She is magical. She is wondrous. She will forever be the epitome of a supermodel. She is Cindy....and she also used to host the original House of Style on MTV!

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Hottest Style Diva at IIFA!

The recently concluded 10th International Indian Film Academy awards in China saw Bollywood at its best. The ladies, especially were knockouts in flowy gowns and glittering diamonds as seen at the Fashion Extravaganza during the IIFA.

We narrowed down the hotties, who rocked the show. Click through the slides, and vote for the sexiest gal!

First up is sexy Raima Sen, who oozed oomph in this strapless frothy number in pristine white.

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Reveals sexy fashion dress on trend

Mainstream fashion designers have traditionally churned out disappointing clothing options for plus size women. Thanks to the editors from PLUS Model Magazine dressing stylish and chic this summer will be effortless for full-figured fashionistas. While searching out the top trends for summer, floral prints, from high-end couture to discount retailers dominated the fashion scene. In addition to being feminine, which is also a big trend in fashion right now, floral prints conceal your flaws while enhancing your curves at the same time.

In these solemn economic times bold floral, animal, and graphic prints have been that bright spot, particularly in dresses, from the mass market to higher-end designer boutiques. According to Lori Holliday Banks, senior fashion analyst at The Tobe Report, “Prints make people feel good and give them a reason to buy.” She says across the country retailers are in agreement that color and print were the big success stories for spring, making much more of an impact than any single silhouette.

In addition to floral prints, another dominating trend for summer is the maxi dress. Perhaps the most popular silhouette in dresses is the maxi dress. They are all the rage with celebrities and real women who want to dress on trend and stay comfortable at the same time. Plus Size maxi dresses are versatile and can be worn both casually and dressy. The fashion experts from PLUS Model Magazine selected 's best selling plus size maxi dress as one of their summer fashion must haves. In addition to being ultra comfortable, this stylish and chic maxi dress can take you from day to night, giving you more bang for your buck.

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11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards fashion

All the young and famous gathered at one place yesterday to celebrate Hollywood Life’s 11th Annual Young Hollywood Awards. The posh ceremony was held in Santa Monica with a lot of screaming fans welcoming most promising, glamorous and apparently talented young celebs in Tinseltown.

Complete list of Young Hollywood Awards winners is below:

Young Hollywood Artist of the Year: Adam Lambert

Young Hollywood Superstar: Evan Rachel Wood

Breakthrough Performance, Male: Ed Westwick

Breakthrough Performance, Female: Rumer Willis

Young Hollywood Director: Catherine Hardwicke

Young Hollywood Superstar of Tomorrow: AnnaLynne McCord

Young Hollywood Comedy Award: Ari Graynor

Young Hollywood Crossover: Bar Refaeli

Young Hollywood Green Award: Q’Orianka Kilcher

Young Hollywood Athlete: Shawn Johnson

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Top Fashion Agencies Of New York

So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 Episode 5 - Top 20 Named

The most interesting scene of the night was watching Mia Michaels and Lil' C battle it out with Debbie Allen, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe over dancer Brandon Bryant. I admire and respect Mia as a choreographer, and she has always been one of my favorites on this show. But I honestly don't get what her problem is with Brandon. As for Lil' C, he's impressed me about as much as Brandon has impressed him, so we'll leave it at that. It was obvious by the end of the argument where the real power is on the show as not only did Nigel and Mary make it clear to both Mia and Lil C how they felt about Brandon, but they communicated to Brandon that they think he's a brilliant dancer and should not be discouraged by anything the other judges have to say. Although I agree with Nigel's advice to Brandon, it might not have been in his best interest to treat a guest judge, especially one as popular as Mia, the way he did by negating her opinion on national TV. So it will be interesting to see where this issue goes as the competition progresses.

There were two really big disappointments for me. One was that Alex Wong did not make it to the Top 20, not because he wasn't good enough, but because he was under contract with the Miami Ballet company and his boss was unwilling to let him out of his contract for a short period of time to do the show. I thought that was extremely unprofessional of his boss and very unfair to this talented dancer who wanted to stretch his wings and experience other types of dancing that was out of his comfort zone. I do hope that Alex will be back next year!

The other disappointment was losing one of the Kasprzak brothers. I truly was hoping they would both make the Top 20 but when that didn't happen I was rooting for the short bald guy (Ryan). I'm sure it will be enjoyable watching Evan throughout the competition, but again, I hope we get to see Ryan back next year as well.

The Top 20 for Season 5 has been named and here they are:























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LL Cool J Hosts Fashion Delivers' Second Annual Pay It Fashion Forward Event on June 18

NEW YORK, June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 18, 2009, Fashion Delivers will host the second annual Pay It Fashion Forward event at New York City's hotspot M2 beginning at 7:30 p.m. where five fashion industry vanguards will be honored for their positive influences on their communities and the environment. The brands selected this year include I/DENTI/TEE, LINDA LOUDERMILK, PHILANTHROPIST and CHLOE JO BERMAN. Additionally, the JONES APPAREL GROUP was selected for distinction as a company for its socially conscious business practices.


The band Tamarama from the MTV hit series "THE CITY" will perform, and the evening will be hosted by Grammy award-winning artist and designer LL Cool J.

Tickets will be sold in advance at Additionally, for each ticket sold, Earnest Sewn jeans will be donating a pair of jeans to support the relief efforts of Fashion Delivers California Campaign, a national effort to aid those most negatively affected by the global recession.

Fashion Delivers is a non-profit charity dedicated to helping those in need by providing donated products from the men's, women's and home goods industry. Created during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Fashion Delivers has donated nearly 34 million dollars worth of products to those in need in the United States and around the world. For more information on Fashion Delivers, please go to

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Nicole Richie Giving Away Tix to Fashion Show

If you're a Nicole Richie fan and live near L.A., the countdown is on to win tickets to her fashion show tonight.

She's hosting a party at Boulevard 3, where models will hit the catwalk in jewels from her House of Harlow line and threads from Clandestine Industries, Pete Wentz's clothing line.

The bash will also be filmed for the MTV series Styl'd. So how can you get your hands on the tickets?

All you have to do is leave a comment on Nic's blog about what fashion means to you and why you should be the lucky person to attend her event.

But if you want in, type quickly. The contest ends in about an hour at 11 a.m.

And if you're not in the L.A. area or missed the deadline, Hollywood Party Girl's got you covered. I'll be there tonight and bringing you all the details and gossip tomorrow!

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Versace CEO could be out of fashion by Friday

Gianni Versace SpA CEO Giancarlo Di Risio has had a good four-year run at the company, reviving it from financial peril. But now, with sales slipping and conflict with Donatella Versace intensifying, Di Risio may be out of fashion at Versace, with media reports indicating he may resign by Friday.

It's likely that the Milan-based company's first-quarter sales slipping 13% from a year earlier will be blamed for his departure. But, in Di Risio's defense, the fashion industry -- especially the luxury high-end sector -- has been feeling the pain of the global economic slowdown as even well-to-do consumers are cutting back on spending. Christian Lacroix SNC, for example, fell into insolvency proceedings last month.
Despite public denials of boardroom friction, Di Risio's expected exit likely lies in the strained relationship he has with Donatella Versace, who is the company's creative director and 20% owner as well as the beloved sister of the tragically slain founder Gianni Versace.

The CEO has objected to her lavish lifestyle, especially when it involves company money, according to recent articles in the Italian media, including Il Sole 24 Ore. One spat involved Di Risio criticizing the creative director's hiring of a photographer at a rate of €100,000 ($140,000) for an ad campaign, according to Bloomberg. Things came to such a boiling point that the board reportedly considered firing him last month.

Many would argue that Di Risio saved Versace from the fate of Christian Lacroix. Di Risio worked with Donatella Versace to make the collections less flashy and more profitable.

"Di Risio did a good job of turning Versace around and positioned it well," Carlo Pambianco, a Milan-based fashion industry consultant, told Bloomberg. "Versace can't try to compete with larger brands, such as Armani or Gucci. He established its own niche."

Di Risio's replacement is already being floated around. The Telegraph reports Kim Winser, who was behind the resurgence of Scottish brand Pringle and recently resigned from Aquascutum, as a possible candidate. As for Di Risio, the former Fendi chief executive likely won't stay unemployed long. - Gerald Magpily.

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Fashion design students hold creation show

Final year students of a fashion-design institute have showcased their creations at a show in India's northern Chandigarh.

Anukama 2009, the annual fashion show organized by the Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology, saw some of the top models sashaying down the runway. The show was high on variety as models sported around 44 collections in different hues from up and coming designers.

Models who have been part of Anukama in the past believe that the quality of the garments presented in the show has improved over the years.

Twinkle, model, said, "I have been doing this show for the past two years, the NIIFT show. And actually I have seen the garment, the style, the tapering of the cloth, the structure of the cloth, textile everything has improved."

In their collections the students displayed woollen blends, khaddar, silk, cotton, and crochet work among others.

Anukama has become an important event in North India's fashion circuit. The show is renowned for its professional conduct and displays choreography of a high standard.

Fashion experts say that India's northern Punjab region has emerged as an important fashion destination both in terms of market and talent.

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