Senin, 26 April 2010

Simple Tips to Dress Better

Let’s start with the Basics:

Most of us get confused with how to dress better and lot of questions like, what to wear? Will the clothes suit me? Are they comfortable? And many more questions in our mind waste a lot time. To dress better you need to follow few simple tips. There are no particular rules of fashion that you need to follow for a better look. Here are few steps that you need to follow to look better.

Make sure you always look clean and spotless:

looking clean and tidy makes a loot of sense. Before you dress up, take a little care of your clothes. The fundamental things are ironing your dress, polishing shoes and if you are going to wear a tie choose the right one. Those are the things you need to follow before dressing, later while washing don’t forget to follow the directions like, dry clean only and wash with like colors. Although you can't change yourself into ‘the world's best dresser’, you can always improve your appearance by looking clean and tidy.

Make sure that you are Comfortable:

Choose things that fit you. Make sure that you are able to sit and stand freely without any discomforts. Anything that is too tight gives the false impression of being too small and therefore making your body look fat. Clothes that are skin tight looks like you can't pay for good-fitting clothing. In addition tight clothes are not good for your health. Choose styles that show off your waistline and your body nice-looking, but don't make it look squashed or compress.

Choose the right color:

Do you know the magic of colors?

Colors can make you look younger, appear a few pounds lighter, feel fabulous, look very good, can increases your confidence and receive compliments everywhere you go. Colors highlight your own natural beauty. Keep bright colors away no matter what your skin tone is. Bright colors like florescent yellow reveals low profile.

Keep an update on trends:

Last but not the least, always keep updated with what is new in the fashion world and don’t exceed current trends.

Jumat, 16 April 2010

Women more worried about their body image than men

The study published in the May issue of psychological journal Personality and Individual Differences, also showed that even healthy women or those without eating disorders have underlying concerns about their weight and react negatively whenever they see any overweight women.

The study by Brigham Young University showed when thin women were shown pictures of fat or overweight women and asked to imagine themselves like the image, their brain scans showed distress.

In recent times, being size zero is like a fashion statement especially for women. These women of all ages are flocking weight loss and slimming centers to attain their goal weight. This obsession with weight is medically termed as anorexia nervosa or simply, anorexia. This is a psychological disorder where the weight-obsessed women take their consciousness about weight to an extreme that may even lead to physical collapse.

Anorexia usually starts with the desire to look thin and have a super-trimmed body and under tremendous social pressure, this becomes an obsession.

Researchers Mark Allen, a BYU neuroscientist, grad student Tyler Owens and BYU psychology professor Diane Spangler came together on a long-term project to improve eating habits and to treat eating disorders by tracking progress with brain imaging technique. When anorexic and bulimic women view an overweight stranger, the brain’s self-reflection center, known as the medial prefrontal cortex, lights up in ways that suggest extreme unhappiness and in some cases, self-loathing. This clearly increases the pressure to become thin and leave the woman stressed.

The motivation for the study was to put forward a point of reference among a control group of women who scored better on eating disorder diagnostic tests. Women in this group were found to have “sub-clinical issues with body image.

When the same experiments were conducted over men to compare, the women’s brain activity was found much closer to full-blown eating disorders.

According to Spangler, women are bombarded with messages that perpetuate the thin ideal, and the barrage changes how they view themselves.

For many women, bodily appearance and being thin is important and their brain reflects to that idea. This increases the risk of eating and mood disorders.

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Senin, 12 April 2010

Leighton Meester at "Date Night" premiere in NYC

Maybe it's because we're used to seeing Leighton Meester super polished and posh on Gossip Girl every Monday night, but her look for the New York City premiere of Date Night, starring Tina Fey and Steve Carrell, was all over the place. The light and messy hair, ultra shiny skin and bright lips were overwhelming for Meester's classic beauty.

Meester's Giambattista Valli frock was bright and printed, two strong trends for spring. While we're happy Meester didn't resort to spray tanning herself orange, the colors washed her out and the cut of the dress was not flattering. Black cage booties were the only thing that looked good, but still heavy for spring. Note to Meester and stylist - it's spring! How about a gorgeous pink or coral frock and metallic extras?

Hair color trends: 2010

Golden Blonde

Peroxide blonde isn't for everyone, but that shouldn't rule out blonde as a hair colour altogether. Enter mid-tone blonde for 2010.

Natural in its tones, golden blonde is the best way to describe it. Unlike peroxide blonde, it doesn't have the extreme white colouring nor should it be dyed to be obvious.

Red hair in 2010

The redhead isn't just a hair colour in 2010, it's an attitude. If it were a formula I could mix up in's offices it would end up 2 parts red hair, 2 parts personality, and 2 parts sexual confidence. Think model Coco Rocha as a redhead oozing of her playful, confident personality and you're somewhat there. Just add the bombshell sexual confidence, and you have it.

Red hair is perfect for the cooler months and if you're considering a changing your look for 2010, consider red hair as the perfect option for Autumn 2009 / Fall 2009 or Fall 2010.

Jumat, 09 April 2010

Fashion accessories trend review with Lynne Curtin

District Bar hosted its first annual Fashion District event! It was evening filled with fashion, great music spun by DJ Rick Garcia, and fun celebrities. District bar is a contemporary Public House that prides itself on being a bar and lounge hybrid. Further demonstrating the ability to create blissful unions between fashion and service industries in Chicago they launched the innovative Fashion District Event.

The concept is simple and effective. The goal is provide an alternative way for stylish Chicagoans to experience fashion. For the kick off event, designer and star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County , Lynne Curtin, hosted while presenting her own line of chic accessories.
Local designers Ashley Scott of Drapes, Lecrisha Sheilds of Reckless, and Kiwi Boutique also co-hosted the evening and presented their designs as well. Guests were invited to browse the latest designs and chat with the designers while enjoying half-priced bottles of wine and salads. They were even offered discounts for showing up in a vest or blazer for 10% off all non-special items.

That evening The Chicago Fashion Trends Examiner was able to have a sit down (well stand up really) conversation with Lynne Curtin of Bravo's reality TV, Show the Real Housewives of Orange County and talk about her latest accessories line. Lynne is definitely a larger than life personality, but she definitely has a huge heart! Her passion for fashion, girl power and rock and roll were all evident that evening and showcased within her designs

Kamis, 08 April 2010

Spring/summer hats gallery

The sun is shining and the first few hints of summer are showing through. We know that many of you are sitting at your desks wishing you could bask in that sun (we're definitely wishing we were in a park with a picnic) and we're praying as much as you that the weather continues into the weekend.

However, with the sun comes spring/summer fashion and one trend which is going to be huge this season, is hats.
These appeared across the SS2010 LFW catwalk with designers such as Mulberry and Vivienne Westwood making straw and trilby hats a key focal point in their collections.

So we've decided to put together a gallery of the best summer hats out there, which will not only keep you looking on-trend but also last right through to your summer holiday.
Team up with cropped jeans, denim shorts and a ethical style tee for that casual summer look or dress them up with a maxi dress for nights out in a restaurant or bar.
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Rabu, 07 April 2010

Pam Anderson

No one dares to bare more on the dance floor than Pam Anderson. Just when you thought her skirt could not go shorter, or her cleavage baring top lower, it does. That said, no one wears nude-colored fabric better than the original Baywatch Babe. Additionally, unlike some of her competitors (ahem, Kate, ahem...) Pam seems to have fun wearing each and every outfit out on the dance floor. Which, I think, epitomizes the kitschy fashion of the show. Essentially DWTS is a mostly a show about kind of bad dancing. But if you own the borderline bad outfits along with the bad dancing, you may walk away with that shiny, shiny trophy, and heck, you may have learned something.

What I've learned from watching is that if you wanna put some sparkle in your wardrobe, just do it. If you own a piece de resistance that could stand to be be-jeweled and bedazzled, go for it. We only live once, so we should wear what makes us happy--although, we may need to take a few ballroom dance lessons to compliment our sparkles.

Selasa, 06 April 2010

Kellie Pickler No Longer Close Pals with Taylor.

Although the American Idol finalist turned country darling, 23, once told me she and Taylor were like sisters, they’re now barely acquaintances – even though the duo have been on the road touring together for a whole year.

“We both are even busier this year than last year,” Kellie admits during the Dressed To Kilt fashion show to benefit Friends of Scotland held Monday in NYC. “You really see each other backstage passing to go onto the stage, and that’s about it.”

"You look so pretty!" cries Kellie Pickler to Julianne Hough, as Taylor Swift bounces in with both serious and silly birthday gifts for Pickler (Jo Malone perfume—and pepper spray: "I don't have many friends, so I need to protect the ones I have!" exclaims Swift). Soon after, flowers arrive for Swift with a note from an admirer. "Ooh," Pickler and Hough tease. Swift, who's been quietly seeing Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, blushes, and the three laugh.

London Home of Fashion Trends

London is always famous to be at the cutting edge of fashion. But a new research says that the girls in North Britain are far more glamorous than the London fashionistas.

The ladies from the places including Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool are quicker to pick up on the fashion trends, compared to the southern lasses. They are also up to date with the style and latest trends than those down the south.

Leeds in West Yorkshire kicked off the killer heels look where as Scousers from Liverpool, including the model WAG Alex Curran were among the most popular on the fake tan trends and wear the hair curlers out.

Glasgow girls were fastest to turn on the hair straighteners where as Geordies were the fake-eyelashes' trendsetters. Brummies had headed to wearing shorts the earliest and Cardiff girls were the earliest with the subtle lip glosses. The Essex girls were the early adopters of WAG style shades, while Bournemouth came up with pioneer push-up bras.

London gals generally have headed for the spark duller styles including the skinny jeans and 'the boyfriend look'. They were always the well-liked and attention grabbing fashion styles.

The figures emerged after Debenhams analysed sales from the past decade. "It is assumed trends start in London but northern cities tend to pick up on trends faster and wear them bigger and brighter,” says a spokesman.