Selasa, 08 September 2009

Tiffany's ultimate Fashion key chain

Tiffany & Co., the distinguished and legendary American design house and style icon, presents announces a new jewellery collection that holds the key to personal style and reveals the premier jeweller’s renowned legacy.

The new Tiffany Keys Collection is inspired by keys from the Tiffany & Co. archives. The work of skilled gold and silversmiths - these exquisitely crafted vintage keys unlock jewellery and keepsake boxes, diaries and steamer trunks.Other keys were designed as gem-encrusted brooches and charms. Even though Tiffany’s quality needs no seal of approval,the company guarantees impeccable quality and timeless style, one of the basic tenets of the jewellery house.

Commenting on the collection, Pegah Goldooz, General Manager Tiffany & Co., UAE said, “Tiffany’s new collection is amazing and perfect for the gifting season. Gifts are truly one of the highest forms of gratitude and good taste. And giving one at the right time makes it all the more special.These magical talismans are reworked in the Tiffany Keys Collection of pendants and charms in 18 karat yellow or rose gold, platinum with diamonds or sterling silver. Oozing ethereal beauty, these accessories are flashpoints of glamour for the season and years to come.”

The collection includes an array of fanciful designs:
medallion-shaped keys that promise access to wondrous places; romantic heart-shaped keys that might keep love letters private; poetic flower-topped keys that are graceful and feminine; and luxurious keys set with sparkling diamonds.Worn alone or layered, Tiffany Keys are innately chic, keepers of a mysterious message for the keyholder to know and the curious to imagine.

Giving away a Tiffany pendant to your near and dear ones can create sparkle in their eyes. It is one of the best ways to celebrate love and friendship. Just pick one of them from your nearest store to create that incandescent gift-giving moment ever. Discover the new Tiffany Keys collection now available at Tiffany & Co. boutiques in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. What is more, each gift comes wrapped in Tiffany’s famous blue box, symbol of life’s finest moments.

Senin, 07 September 2009

How to Dress Hot, But Not Sleazy

1) She’s Got Leggings: This trend continues to have….legs. I must admit that black leggings look good paired with long tunics and worn under billowy skirts. But I can’t quite get used to many of you ladies wearing leggings (and only leggings) with short tops. Even worse, some have mistaken opaque tights or regular pantyhose for leggings. Not a good look.

2) Put Ya Freakum Dress On: If you’ve got it, I say flaunt it. Although a tight dress should accentuate your assets, it’s best to leave something to the imagination. And remember that this type of dress is strictly for a house/beach party or the club; not an office party, wedding, or family gathering.

3) Maximize Your Mini: A mini-skirt or mini dress can be a great fashion statement. But a mini that’s too short, too revealing, or too tight isn’t hot; it’s hoochie. Sorry Mariah, who in the above photo is showing way too much cleavage and a little too much leg.

4) Classy Cleavage: Showing a little decolletage makes most women feel more feminine and flirty. And men of course love it. However, keep it classy and don’t let your cleavage runneth over.

5) High-heels, Not Stripper Pumps: High heels have never been my thing. But I envy Hollywood A-listers like Rihanna, who struts about in designer stilettos like they’re sneakers. Stripper pumps, however, are not high-fashion. And if you have a pair of clear heels, save them for “play” time at home.